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Entry #11

Short and Sweet

12/26/13 by HeartlessKarma

This is a very appropriate short for the Holidays I'm sure. I really want to thank you guys for still supporting me all this time. I'll have some more news for you guys hopefully sooner rather than later. -Happy Holidays!


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Hey, hows the animations? Is there anything for us to expect? It would be good to ee some animations from you. Ur truly talented and a inspiration to us all. Please continue ur work.



lol nice short. but I think this was more than a homage to proxicide.
I think you chose stryker on purpose because R1665 always makes him kill akuma.

5/22/14 HeartlessKarma responds:

Just a bit of smack!

Agree with Az, I would like to see more movies from you HeartlessKarma. I can say you are also an inspiration sprite animator to me.

1/5/14 HeartlessKarma responds:

dude, that's awesome!

Awesome, can't wait for 2014. I haven't seen you active, man. How can you take down R1665 if you're on hiatus? xD

(jk, R1665, still love ya).



That's how I notice because mk vs sf 2 is the best sprite animation ever!
btw, do you have a skype?

12/27/13 HeartlessKarma responds:

PM sent.



that animation was just like the ending in mk vs sf 2.

12/26/13 (Updated 12/26/13) HeartlessKarma responds:

glad you noticed!
a bit of a homage to one of the first sprite videos I've ever seen.